A support group app that promotes a positive message

Ask questions, find previous questions and share positive messages

User tools to manage stress, pain and emotional strain

Your data is protected and no exposure to negative news

No need for a social media account and chat to all your peers from here

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Welcome to CommunityTogether

A support group app that you can ask questions and chat in a positive private setting with your peers.

Total Privacy

Your data is private and not shared with anyone else

Positive Environment

A place to chat and help you in a positive way by sharing on the positive win wall.

No negative social media posts from friends and ads.

User Tools to manage stress

Tools developed to manage pain, stress and emotional strain.

Ask and find answers easily

Have your ever asked questions in other social media groups and couldn't find the question later. The questions will be easily serachable on communityTogether


Share your health story

Share your story with your peers and relate to them

Blogs to help recovery

Blogs written by peers and specialists to aid recovery

Professional Advice from doctor

Advice from expert counsellors and gps, This is definitley only an idea

Advice Wall

Post on the advice wall to your peers

CommunityTogether... How the idea started

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The Idea
I came up with this idea one day in a cafe when writing my journal, I was part of a great support group on facebook and wanted to see how everyone was doing and check answers to a question I asked.

I had to login into facebook to check and straight away I was seeing posts from friends, negative news stories and ads.

Why I think this Idea might work
To me personally I feel low when I see some posts on facebook, it is hard to relate to some posts when you are struggling.

So I setup a small facebook profile for me but still was getting alot of ads and recommended friends posts.

Another problem I had... I still struggled to find the question I had asked only a few days earlier and found that similar questions were being asked every few weeks.

The Answer
This is when I thought of the idea of communityTogether to offer a private positive environment to support users in support groups.

You can see the demo here


Check out my beta demo



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